Product Review: Foreo Luna Mini


For the past few years I’ve been glued to using the Clarisonic as my choice of sonic cleansing facial device. Up until about 8 months ago, that all changed when I was introduced to the Foreo Luna Mini by YouTube sensation, Chloe Morello.

The Foreo Luna Mini is a revolutionary T-sonic cleansing facial device that is small in size, but big on results. In just 1 minute every morning and night, the Luna Mini will help to rid your skin of blemish-causing impurities, leaving your skin looking healthier, brighter and clearer.

Featuring a unique double sided silicone brush head, the Luna Mini is up to 35% more hygienic than the standard sonic-cleansing device as liquids and gels easily wash away, preventing any bacteria build-up. The silicone brush head is also very soft, non abrasive and easily glides across the skin to help remove dead skin cells and unclogs pores from dirt, oil and makeup residue.

Super easy to use, all you need to do is apply your choice of cleanser onto your face, turn on the Luna Mini and cleanse each area for 15 seconds, making it a total of 1 minute. You don’t need to worry about counting the seconds in your head as the device will pause every 15 seconds, meaning it’s time to change areas. Safe enough to use in the bath or shower as it is waterproof.

What I absolutely love most about the Luna Mini is that it can last up to 300 uses before it needs to be charged again, and charging doesn’t take over a day like the Clarisonic, but a mere few hours. Due to it’s small and compact size, it is extremely travel friendly, lightweight and barely takes up any space in your toiletry bag.

Another wow factor is because the brush head is made of silicone, it doesn’t need any replacing, meaning the price you pay is the only price you’ll ever pay for the Luna Mini, as apposed to the Clarisonic where you need to replace the brush head every 3 or so months.

Since using the Luna Mini, I’ve noticed that my complexion is much brighter and my skin always feels as soft as a baby’s bottom. It’s amazing how such a small and gentle device can offer such a deep clean through its 8000 pulsations per minute and I am never going back to the Clarisonic!

The Luna Mini is available in a variety of fun colours and suitable for all skin types. Retails for $179 and can be purchased from David Jones or online from the Foreo website.

xx Tina

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One response to “Product Review: Foreo Luna Mini

  1. I saw so many people try this out and featuring this product in their youtube videos and I always wondered if it is better than the Clarisonic! Thanks so much for sharing your review, I think I will buy it :)


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