Dinner At Sokyo


It’s been the longest time since I’ve dressed up and went out to dinner with my best friends, so it was only fitting that we took a shitload of photos which inspired me to blog about my night.

Sokyo is an amazing SMH Good Food Guide chef hat Japanese restaurant located below The Darling hotel at The Star in Pyrmont. Chef Chase Kojima has created the most delicious and innovative dishes with contemporary flavours that’ll leave you wanting more.

It’s been my third visit to Sokyo and it definitely won’t be my last. My best friends had never been so it was their first visit and I hooked them up with my favourite dishes from Sokyo. They were honestly mind blown by how good everything tasted- they wanted seconds! We ordered the following dishes:

  • Kingfish miso ceviche
  • Hakkaido scallop yuzu honey
  • Sashimi platter
  • DengakuMan
  • “Kobe Cuisine” wagyu +9 tenderloin
  • Spicy tuna crispy rice
  • Queensland sushi roll
  • King brown mushroom
  • Chef’s dessert sampler
  • Pinku Kuri cocktail
  • Future Woods cocktail
  • Hibiscus mocktail

For those of you that’s never eaten at Sokyo, DO IT! Try going on a weekday because it’s easier to acquire a reservation and it won’t be as busy. I only managed to snap up a few pictures of our food because I was seriously just so hungry, I totally forgot about taking photos. Apologies guys!

After dinner, we roamed around the streets of Pyrmont taking a bunch of photos and enjoying each others company. I wore the Amara Lace Set from Misha Collection, Nine West heels, CHANEL Timeless clutch and kept my accessories simple with a Cartier LØVE bracelet.

I’ve got a very busy next few months, so I’m hoping to blog about everything that I’ll be up to. From food adventures, to outfit posts and traveling. Till next time guys!

xx Tina

IMG_6351 IMG_6318 IMG_6320


DSC02856 IMG_0872 DSC02905 DSC02901 DSC02894



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