Travel Diary: Tokyo, Japan


Japan is a country I’ve always wanted to visit ever since I was a little girl watching Sailor Moon everyday before and after school and playing Pokémon on my Nintendo Game Boy for hours on end. Over the years, my love for Japan has evolved through their delicious cuisine, their crazy and unique fashion, their advanced technology and their amazing culture.

It was nothing short of a perfect first trip where I finally got to experience everything Toyko had to offer me from fresh sushi at my beck and call to roaming the busy streets of Shinjuku during peak hour. I pretty much ticked off everything from my to-do list for Tokyo, except for the Tsujiki Fish Market (which I’m hoping to visit upon my next trip into Japan during cherry blossom season!) but seeing Mt. Fuji- a world heritage site in the flesh made up for that.

After a good 5 or so months, I finally found the time to post up snaps from my trip back in June. Like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so in my case, I’ve got about a million. Enjoy!

xx Tina

IMG_4089 DSC01857 DSC01864 IMG_4192 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4205 IMG_4207 IMG_4208 IMG_4108 IMG_4113 DSC01909 IMG_4128 IMG_4157 IMG_4196 IMG_4210 IMG_4234 DSC01973 DSC01986 IMG_4271 DSC02008 IMG_4425 DSC02169 DSC02204 IMG_4588 IMG_4603 DSC02218 DSC02216 DSC02220 IMG_4614 DSC02214 DSC02224 DSC02232 DSC02235 DSC02253 DSC02263 IMG_4786

DSC02275 DSC02268 DSC02270

IMG_4801 DSC02316 DSC02331 DSC02330 DSC02339 DSC02356 DSC02379 IMG_4878 DSC02343 IMG_4907 IMG_4913 IMG_4925 IMG_4969 IMG_4984 IMG_4997 IMG_5047 IMG_5095 IMG_6064 DSC02177 DSC02389 IMG_5118 IMG_5126 IMG_5145 IMG_5202 IMG_5190 IMG_5217 IMG_5227 IMG_5259 IMG_5277 IMG_5280 IMG_5339 IMG_5352 IMG_5363 IMG_5462 IMG_5525 IMG_5573 IMG_5594 IMG_5605 IMG_5618 IMG_5651 IMG_5690 IMG_5697 IMG_5760 IMG_5786 IMG_5808 IMG_5823 DSC02419 DSC02464 IMG_5831 IMG_5863 IMG_5866 IMG_5976 IMG_6038 IMG_6119 IMG_6058 IMG_6053 DSC02404 IMG_6178 IMG_6212 IMG_6340 IMG_6393 IMG_6422 IMG_6426 IMG_6430 IMG_6448 IMG_6477 IMG_6515 IMG_6530 IMG_6603 IMG_6617 IMG_6634


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